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Can You Modify Your Child Custody Order in Utah?

A "final" child custody order may be signed by a court in Utah but that does not mean it cannot be changed. The law recognizes that sometimes there is a need to change an existing child custody order, whether or not it is a "final" court order. A parent's health could change. A parent could move out-of-state or a parent may develop a substance abuse problem that could require a change in custody. Just as life can cause changes in a family, so can life create the need to change a child custody order -- fortunately, the law, in some circumstances, permits change.

How Does Someone Establish Paternity In Utah?

A child born to unmarried parents is not an uncommon situation. However, it can create certain legal issues such as paternity. When the parents of a child are married, there is a legal presumption of paternity. This is not the same for unmarried parents. Paternity must be established in Utah in this situation in order to create certain rights such as the right to child support. There are various scenarios for establishing paternity. In fact, there are three specific ways towards achieving this legal status in Utah.

Getting Your Former Spouse to Pay Child Support

After everything that you have been through these last few months, the divorce has been finalized with the court in Utah. You think you can breathe a sigh of relief and start life over again. But then . . . your former spouse has decided to either fall behind on child support payments or refuses to pay child support at all.

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